We believe that bullying is never okay.

What can you do?

  • Are you in immediate danger? If you are in immediate danger, you can contact the emergency services on 999. If you are on Royal College of Music premises call for assistance via Reception on 0207 591 4315.
  • Find a safe space.  If an incident has just happened try and find somewhere you feel safe.
  • What is bullying? It might be useful to think about the definition of bullying.

  • Reporting to the Royal College of Music. Students and staff can report an incident using the Royal College of Music’s Report and Support system. You can choose to do this anonymously or with your contact details. If you choose to report with your contact details, you will be offered the opportunity to talk through the options and support available to you, in confidence. If you would like more information on the range of possible formal action including the complaints procedure and disciplinary procedures, see the RCM Student Code & Procedures and/or the Staff Grievance and/or Disciplinary procedures

Get Specialist Support

The organisation Victim Support has advise on their website for those affected by bullying.

Mental Health and Wellbeing Support
  • Take care of yourself. It’s important that you take care of yourself and talk to someone if you need to.
  • Students. Royal College of Music Students can get in touch with Student Services to find out more about support available, including free Counselling support. 
  • Staff. Royal College of Music staff can access free, confidential, professional help from our Employee Assistance Provider, CiC Confidential Care, 24 hours per day. 
  • Togetherall – online support. All students and staff can access Togetherall for free - a 24/7 online service that provides advice and support for those dealing with low mood, anxiety and other mental health issues.
  • Mental Health First Aiders. All staff and students can arrange to speak to one of our trained Mental Health First Aiders.  
  • Find out more about support for Mental Health and Wellbeing.

There are two ways you can tell us what happened